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Enhance your organization’s product capabilities with a proven Product leader, that will drive real results. Your satisfaction and success is my top priority.

I am currently offering my time and expertise (see credentials below) as an embedded Product team member for your organization on an interim, fractional or contract basis. The engagement will can be set up to your liking in regards to hours/week, duration of contract and services provided.

With over a decade of product management experience in the technology industry (and a decade of project management experience prior to that), I can be utilized to your liking to provide maximum value across several different areas of the product lifecycle:

  • Analyze. Competitive research, “willingness to pay” research, customer segmentation, product value assessment, market-sizing and requirement gathering based on empirical evidence.

  • Productize. Agile/waterfall training, hands-on product ownership, development process re-engineering, experiential design research. Pricing, packaging, sales enablement and a go-to-market strategy that makes a product launch successful.

  • Prioritize. Deep analysis of prioritization inputs to craft a sound product strategy and can build the input engines through customer advocacy boards and user groups. Assist in the creation of a roadmap asset to help instill customer confidence.

  • Strategize. Develop and put into action a cross-functional framework for a corporate and/or product strategy to meet the commercial goals of the business.

  • Energize. Level-up your product org with career development plans, hiring assistance and talent development plans for teammates at all levels of product maturity.

Our engagement will include clear, agreed-upon and deliverables and/or goals. Let’s get to work!

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My Experience

Below are some of my career highlights in a very abbreviated form. For more detail, please reach out and I can provide a full resume.

  • Intuit. Launched a new billing system to support our subscription offering that was used as a model for the entire organization. Developed our customer support portal. Led the team that created an in-house, next-gen CRM system. Led the customer journey mapping for a new product launch.

  • Dun & Bradstreet. Successfully grew the Workbench product over 30% in two years, transitioned our pricing model from one-time to subscription, helped implement the AI-driven data segmentation feature in the product, launched a new product on the Salesforce platform that procured seven figure revenue in it’s first six months.

  • Validity. Successfully launched a new beta offering of our flagship product, creating new market opportunities, integrated an acquired company’s service into the flagship product to bolster revenue. Ran the go-to-market efforts for a new product launch. Successfully redesigned our pricing and packaging across the product portfolio.

  • Upland Software. Worked with some of the largest non-profits in the United States to optimize the quality of the product to preserve revenue for the company and communicate a strategy. Led the redesign of our team structures and agile process to maximize development success.

  • SugarCRM. Improved product quality through deep data analysis and clear roadmap communication, leading to a 10% drop in churn and a year-over-year increase in ARR. Built from the ground up our first user group and product beta framework to ensure healthy product releases and sound inputs into our development process.


“I knew that I could learn and grow to be a better product manager under his guidance.” - Erica Thum, Product Manager, Upland Software.

“What I appreciate most about John is his practical approach to problem-solving, which stems from his remarkable common sense. This quality not only made our work environment more efficient but also made complex decisions seem straightforward.” - Halina Sadouskaya, Product Manager, SugarCRM

“His exceptional product strategy skills played a pivotal role in the success of his product evolution at SugarCRM.” - Eric Okimoto, Senior Director Product Management, SugarCRM

“(John’s) strong suit is juggling the delicate balance of Products, people, and processes in a productive, goal-driven way that keeps the ship moving in the right direction.” - Evan Michalski, Head of Customer Success at Streamline AI

“The most energetic, easy going and goal-focused PM I know. I was always impressed by John's knowledge of the product and having a clear vision for its future. He is not only a professional, but also a great person and pleasure to work with.” - Andrey Mitrofanov, Director of Engineering, Dun & Bradstreet