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Meet John, a seasoned Product Management guru with an insatiable passion for exploring the intersection of technology and business. With over a decade of experience steering product strategies at industry giants like Intuit, Virgin Pulse, and SugarCRM, John has recently embarked on a new journey. Through his company Breakthrough Ventures, he provides world-class product management expertise to high-growth companies. Currently donning the mantle of Chief Product Officer at Zentitle, he's on a crusade to redefine how organizations monetize and license software, pioneering innovative strategies in the digital realm.

When he's not busy shaping the future of tech, John seamlessly transitions into the role of an educator extraordinaire. For the past four years, he's been igniting minds as an adjunct professor in Providence College's MBA program. This fall, he's set to sprinkle his magic in the CIS Department at Bentley University.

Curious about John's thoughts on the ever-evolving tech landscape? Look no further than his captivating blog,, where he shares his musings on everything from cutting-edge technologies to groundbreaking product development strategies. And if you're craving a deeper dive, his book "The Quality Lever" published in 2023, promises a riveting exploration into the art and science of crafting exceptional products.

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I explore how things get made, how decisions get made, how teams get made and how we can all make ourselves a little bit better everyday.